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Welcome! We hope you will join us!

  • Strong PTAs help build strong schools. Clubs. Books. Field trips. Celebrations. The Fullerton PTA helps fill the gaps so that there are more good things available to our students. 


  • Be in the know. The PTA is often one of the first to know about school news and upcoming events. Attending PTA meetings allows you to hear this information first hand, but you can also connect with the Fullerton PTA on Facebook.

  • Share your voice. Everyone has opinions. One of the best ways to share your vision for our school and community is by participating in the PTA.  


  • Parental involvement improves student performance. The research is clear: “parents’ engagement in their child’s education helps lead to academic success.” 


  • Volunteer opportunities. We all want to help sometimes, but how? Joining the PTA can connect you to opportunities to make a difference at Fullerton Elementary, both during the school day and after. 

  • Friendship and community. Our kids are friends; we should be too. Through the PTA, parents, teachers, and students can foster the positive relationships that have made Overlea-Fullerton a thriving community for more than a hundred years.

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